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What We Do

WJD Planning provides broad planning services that support our clients in the development and realization of their vision for the future. WJD Planning is led by Jim Wilson, an architect and airport planner with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We specialize in supporting airports by planning and implementing their long-term vision based on projections for future growth. From overseeing a comprehensive Airport Master Plan to providing a detailed Terminal Area Plan, we support all aspects of an airport’s operations.  We partner closely with our clients to understand their organization’s operations and needs. We believe that by striving for technical excellence and by providing the highest level of customer service we will exceed our client’s expectations and set them on a pathway to a successful future.  

WJD Planning has a focus on Airport Terminal Planning. We support airports in assessing the capacity of the existing terminal facilities and determining the anticipated future terminal needs based on projected increases in activity at the airport. Our capacity analyses will evaluate any deficiencies of the existing facilities and then define any improvements necessary to address any such deficiencies. Based on the projected needs of the terminal building, we provide our clients with “proof of concept” diagrams that demonstrate how improvements may be organized to meet the goals and objectives of the airport. We then work closely with our clients to further support the design and implementation of our facility recommendations.

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WJD Planning Experience


Work Experience

The following are a representation of the project work performed by Mr. Wilson, Principal of WJD Planning.

Eppley Airfield

  • Terminal Modernization Program
  • New Parking Garage Feasibility Study
  • Terminal Area and Airport Master Plan

Will Rogers World Airport

  • Terminal/Concourse Expansion Planning and Design

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

  • Airport Master Planning and On-Call Terminal Planning

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

  • MLIT Program Definition Manual
  • MLIT Interim Executive Program Management Team 

Jackson-Evers International Airport

  • Airport Terminal and Concessions Planning

John F. Kennedy International Airport

  • Terminal 7 Redevelopment Study

McGee Tyson Airport

  • International Arrival Facility Feasibility Study

Salt Lake City International Airport

  • Terminal Redevelopment Plan

Baltimore/Washington International Airport

  • Terminal Modernization Program

Alaska Airlines

  • SEA-TAC Baggage Optimization Program

American Airlines

  • Terminal and Gate Planning for Stinger Concourse